Product & Sales Development

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What happens in Product Development?
You have your idea, you've decided on a plan so now it's time to work on producing the product.  Concepts can become a reality at this stage where research takes place.  Looking at your target audience, margins, prices, packaging, manufacturing process and the all important commercial appeal.  All of these are important activities in product development, not only for new designs but existing lines that are ready for additions or tweaks.
What happens in Sales Strategy?
This is a key element to a products performance.  How will you sell your product?  Do you have timelines for launching?  Do you have a marketing plan? Who will sell your product for you?  Where is it going to perform best?  How has it performed so far?  During the sales strategy these questions do come up but are key to ensuring the journey has the best chance of success.
Let's get you booked in to work on these areas.  It could be one area or both?  Whichever areas you need assistance with, get in touch so the journey of your product can begin.

Sales Development Testimonial
"Fiona has been a great asset with sound business advice on various aspects such as price points, targeting the right segment of the market. Fi has helped us with new ideas, products and sales advice which is great for me as I am a designer/maker and really have no time to think about these things - I would recommend her highly!"  Risham. Tiffinware.