We've gone online!

Well Hello and Welcome to the new B Gifted E Commerce Website!  It's been a long time coming admittedly but due to various requests, I have put together a small collection of goodies that I hope you'll all enjoy.  The range isn't too huge as I need to ensure I can look after the range and customers while juggling this with a full time job, two kids, husband friends and a fluffy cockapoo!

So what's my first blog going to be about?  It could have been about me screaming at the computer as I worked my way around building this site!  It's still work in progress so in the words of my daughter's favourite show Miranda .. "BARE WITH!!!".   My skills are more about the product and how I enjoy sharing not only my own products with you but other fantastic findings sourced from small independent creators.  There's no denying that the last 12 months have been a challenging one for so many of us working within the gift industry while we all ride the "B Word"... what WILL happen over the next few months?  Who knows? But what I can say is this, working in the gift industry is still amazing.  We all need to think outside the box now, the digital era has well and truly landed, hence my mere attempts of an online B Gifted store, so we need to engage and embrace this movement.  Supporting the shops on the high street is key but they too have started to engage with their customers through digital platforms.  But for now, I still continue to enjoy this industry and follow my favourite mantra.

"Live the Life you Love.  Love the Life you Live"



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