My love of Instagram

Back in 2013 I tried using Instagram for personal posts as I was fed up of using another social media platform.  I didn't really know how to use it and so my posts were few and far between.  A couple of years later I was visiting one of my friends, Kate Evans who I had booked an appointment with so I could get some much needed attention on my wardrobe, colours, style and to be honest, confidence. Once back home later that evening I revisited Instagram to follow Kate so I could return to her page for inspiration... well, the rest as they say is history. 

Instagram had completely changed for me and I was hooked.  I love it!  There are so many fantastic small businesses out there who have grown due to the digital era.  Not only that but the Instastories are brilliant, as it's not just about selling product, you get to see the person behind the brand, their views, snippets of personal lives i.e. school runs, juggling work, shout outs, music, food and so much more.  This to me is another way of engagement and wow it really works.  There are so many small enterprises who I have discovered on Instagram and can honestly say are businesses that I enjoy shopping with or using for their services and knowledge.  They  still offer a personal service so although you maybe ordering online, I know my orders will be given the utmost care and attention, just as you would expect from a physical shop or consultant on the high street. 

Here are a few of my favourites....
Beginning with where it all began... Kate Evans Image Consultant and coach.  I don't know about you but I hate looking in my wardrobe to decide what to wear each day.  Well with Kate Evans' guidance, this challenge becomes a distant memory.  What Kate doesn't know about fashion, styles and colours to suit the individual, then it's not worth knowing.  She really does know her industry.  On top of that she knows and understands what so many of us find hard in our lives, juggling family and work. Just brilliant.
Hannah from Gift Pop has her signature USP with bright colours on all her gift lines and of course her infamous 3 in 1 tote bags never stay on the shelf too long.  Her range includes bags, jewellery, scarves, prints and so much more. Definitely a store to visit when doing your online shop or just fancy a treat.  Check out her Instastories too, as they are brilliant for up to date news on her range of products and snippets of her family life juggling school runs, endless piles of laundry, dog walking and the occasion glass of wine!  Love her!
Organise Us
Vicci from Organise Us produce the most glorious array of leather goods, from journals, diaries, wallets and handbags.  All made here in the UK, the range is stunning.  Each time I get out my Organise Us wallet, people ask me where it's from and of course I send them the link directly to the Organise Us site.
Millie Pink
I met Kirsten from Millie Pink at a school christmas fair and automatically drew to her array of fantastic girls accessories.  My daughter at the time wasn't with me but if she had been, she would have been emptying my wallet very quickly to purchase the fantastic goodies Kirsten had on her stand.  She hand makes all the wrist hair ties (of which we have since collaborated in putting together an exclusive B Gifted line).  Once again Kirsten's stories are fresh and engaging as she shows you how her range can work for Mums as well as young girls! Definitely go to Millie Pink website when you need some girlie gift inspiration.
Neon Marl

Wow, this brand NEON MARL has the most fantastic story!  Seriously the powers of Instagram come into it's own when you hear of how Neon Marl has grown to tens of thousands of followers in just a few days!  Amber produces hand printed clothing and accessories using Neon colours in most of her pieces.  In the month of June a Virgin Radio broadcaster Rachel Horne was wearing one of Amber's Rainbow Hoodies which she shared on Instagram and of course Chris Evans mentioned it on air, during the two hours of the breakfast show Neon Marl's followers went wild...if you want to hear more, then follow her page, it's a wonderful story. #smallbusiness.


We all love to be empowered and for me as a woman in business Gemma from Muthahood does just that, her brand embraces strength and support for so many women "with the main aim of empowering women and girls through positive, strong and meaningful merch'."  Once again Gemma's instastories are fantastic, hilarious in fact.  I could go on about her posts but to be honest, I would be doing her a disservice, so best to follow Muthahood and click on Gemma's stories!

As you can see just from the few mentions above and believe me I could have gone on for ages as there are so many to follow, I have found some great creators who produce the most stunning gift lines and accessories, so you will see me giving them a big shout out on the B Gifted Instagram Page.  I believe in supporting other small businesses as so many of us these days juggle more than one job so getting shout outs helps grow brands, following and knowing that there are people out there who have got your back.  I have started collaborating with a few fellow traders, of whom I will keep you posted on those. 

But in the meantime, go to Instagram, find some fantastic pages to follow and follow the B Gifted Mantra.

"Live the life you love.  Love the life you live"


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