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Keishi Pearl Ring

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Keishi Pearl Princess Fine Sterling Silver 925 Ring - FRANKI RYKER 

A simply beautiful cornflake Keishi pearl, suspended in a fine sterling silver 925 bezel 1mm setting. Our pearls come from the island of Lombok, in Indonesia, where the most famous pearl in the world are harvested; deep in the South Asia Seas. We buy these exquisite pearls direct from the pearl farmers there and choose only the best!

Keishi cornflake pearls are a natural forming pearl that forms on the inside shell of an oyster, rather than in the middle inside the mollusc. They are not perfect and this is what is so beautiful about them, because each one is slightly different. All are translucently beautiful, with grey, yellows pinks and blue hues throughout when you catch them in the light. Pearls are nicknamed ‘the gems of the sea.’

These rings are immediately comfortable and sit flat.They are shaped slightly around to follow the curve of the finger.

SIZES: 6 (M) ,7 (O),8 (Q), 9 (R 3/4) & 10 (T 1/2)

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